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Custom Orthotics in Camas – Get Rid of Foot Pain

custom orthotics in Camas

Are you looking for custom orthotics in Camas?  Read on to learn more about how we can help.

Most people think orthotics are for foot pain which is true.

Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis are Clinically Proven to be Effective

In particular, foot orthotics (which are commonly called orthoses by healthcare providers) have been proven to help with plantar fasciitis.  This is the most common condition that we fabricate orthotics for and many have experience considerable, even complete pain relief.  Better yet, research has proven that orthotics are indeed effective for the treatment of plantar fasciitis.  Consider this study’s conclusion: The use of foot orthoses in patients with plantar fasciitis appears to be associated with reduced pain and increased function.
Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19218074

Beyond plantar fasciitis, orthotics can also help with the following conditions:

  • heel pain,
  • metatarsalgia,
  • neuromas or
  • peripheral neuropathy.

However, much of the time knee, hip and low back pain, burning aching feet or just plain fatigue at the end of the work day can benefit from custom orthotics.

How We Create Custom Orthoses for Feet at Our Camas & Timberline Locations

The way we produce orthotics at Timberline and Camas Physical Therapy are through multiple steps. First gathering a history of the patient’s symptoms, pain complaints and overall functional limitations.

Second, is the musculoskeletal evaluation to assess gait, strength, lower extremity alignment/posture, ligamentous and structural issues.

Then evaluation findings are used to determine the appropriate type of orthotic for the patient. Whether you’re flat-footed, high-arched or somewhere in between we will determine which type of orthotic and correction you need. Next, the appropriate orthotic and corrections are determined.

At that point we add the appropriate posting to the orthotic in the clinic and make the necessary adjustments for the specific patient. The orthotics are customized in the clinic on the same day and all adjustments can be made “on the fly”. Typically, we will do a 1- 2-week follow up with the patient and make any necessary adjustments at that time.

Many Can Benefit from Custom Foot Orthotics

Whether you’re an everyday pedestrian or an athlete, you will benefit from orthotic inserts which enable the whole body to perform at peak efficiency, eliminating pain while increasing energy output and reducing muscle fatigue. Custom orthotics made at Timberline or Camas PT are either:

  • Functional – The orthotic is used to control several aspects of the foot‘s function and biomechanics during gait. There will be individualized aspects built in to change the way the foot and ankle move ad the way the joints act on one another while walking.
  • Corrective – The orthotic is used to correct a certain deformity. This is most effective in children.
  • Accommodative – The orthotic is used to hug and cushion the foot where there may be a bone prominence, or an area that needs to be off loaded. This type of orthotic will not control what the foot is doing; merely take pressure off of certain areas.

Custom Orthoses are Comfortable, Durable, a Good Value, and Often Covered by Insurance

Orthotics will usually last 1-2 years and are generally very comfortable. We are in network preferred providers for all major insurance carriers in the area and have priced the orthotics, so they are affordable. I always tell patients that “we make our living here at Timberline and Camas PT treating patients, not selling stuff”; therefore, we have priced the orthotics accordingly. Typically, your insurance will pay for the evaluation, fitting and checkout. Most of the time the insurance will not pay for the orthotic itself. If, by chance, your insurance has orthotic coverage, or you have an HSA you may likely have no out of pocket cost. Additionally, if you don’t have insurance and wish to pay cash we have very reasonable rates for the whole orthotic process.

If you have questions regarding custom orthotics from Timberline or Camas PT please give us a call at: 360-567-2002 or click here to visit our contact page.