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Active Therapeutic Motion

Treatment on the Active Therapeutic Motion (ATM) is pain-free, patient/clinician combined effort to manage and reduce acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and movement restrictions. When treatment is applied the patient can expect a rapid reduction of pain levels, improved range of movement, and achievement of functional goals.

Three phases of ATM Treatment:

  1. Examination You will be examined by a licensed physical therapist that will not only determine if the ATM is beneficial for you, but if there are any contra-indications for treatment. Your full examination will contain your available range of motion and your pain level that will allow the therapist to position you in the machine to maximize benefit.
  2. Motion Once properly positioned in the ATM your body is stabilized in such a manner that allow for pain free true motion to occur at the desired joint/joints. This pain free motion is the re-education that the body needs to allow for return to daily activities. As you become more comfortable with the ATM treatment your numbers of repetitions and sets are increased to maximize benefit.
  3. Home Program After your first treatment with the ATM you will notice a marked improvement in range of motion and a decrease in your pain level. The therapist will then instruct you on home exercises that will replicate, as close as possible, the activity you just preformed on ATM to aid in prevention of reoccurring pain.