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"Hi everyone. I want to thank all of you for the help you have given me while with you. Always cheerful and professional. I would happily recommend you to anyone who need your services - you're all the greatest. Thanks again." - Betty Y./Camas, WA

"The entire staff was caring, welcoming, friendly and very competent. I felt totally comfortable with every visit; great experience! Much thanks and appreciation for the sincere care and concern shown to me during my many visits. You are all great at what you do and go beyond what is expected. Aloha and Mahalo." Robert K. / Camas, WA (June, 2016)


"My experience at CPT was excellent. When I began I could not use my arm/hands without them falling asleep. Through PT I gained the muscle countrol and rebuilt and corrected my nerve damage. I am very grateful for the PT and friendship I received. Thank You!" Kellie W. / Washougal, WA (June, 2016)


"The staff at Camas PT are amazing. Thank you for making me well again. Compassionate staff, relaxed atmosphere - a great experience!" - Barbara L. / Washougal, WA (April, 2016)


"When I first attended appointments, my shoulder that I had injured was in crucial pain and my range of motion was little and I could not lift any weights.  Since then I have recovered not fully but much better than when I first came into physical therapy, and my range of motion is much better and lifting weights is no problem except for certain exercises but I recovered more and more. Today, I am feeling better than before but cautions for some activities. Everyone at Camas Physical therapy are very friendly and respectful, also caring and do well at their job." - Ruben A. / Washougal, WA (April, 2016)


"All of the staff were very helpful, patient and willing to answer questions. I left each session with more understanding and knowledge of my injury and how to proactively treat it outside of PT. Thank you. P.S. Patti and Susanna are fantastic!" - Corrine W./Camas, WA (April, 2016)


"The people at Camas Physical Therapy are all very professional and really know how to work with people to help them back to wellness. I would recommend Zane and his staff to anyone needing physical therapy - they're the best!" - Judy F./Camas, WA (March, 2016)


"I found the staff at Camas PT to be very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Their customized physical therapy regimen led me down the path to recovery. I was back up to speed within a month after arthroscopic knee surgery." - Mark B./Washougal, WA (March, 2016)


"Zane and his team are great, friendly and caring. I would recommend Camas PT to everyone" - J.C.


"The staff was very friendly and made me feel at home. The therapy went very well and was catered to my progress. I was able to recover sooner than expected thanks to everyone's help." - N.K.


"I'm not much into writing, so I'll keep it short. I've been here 3 different times. Two were work related. The last time I came in voluntarily. You guys (and girls) are awesome. My first and only choice for therapy." - C.L.


"All the physical therapist were very friendly and helpful. They answered any questions I had and addressed any concerns. They made sure I was exercising properly for the best results and carefully tracked my regimen and progress. I highly recommend Camas Physical Therapy for anyone looking for physical rehabilitation." - A.S.


"Zane and his staff were a phenomenal team. I had my doubts that anything could really help me, but after I started seeing them on a regular basis, I was proven wrong. I am so thankful I tried PT before going to a surgeon. The traction device was worth every minute." - D.H.


"Zane and staff - you are the best. I came to you 3 days after knee replacement thinking I had made the wrong choice having surgery. From barely moving with a walker, a 1/4 rotation on the bike to climbing into the boat in a short amount of time and waiting patiently to catch the first of the spring Chinook! Thank you for your hard work dedicating your life to helping others live life to the fullest." - C.K.


"Over the years that I've been to physical therapy, this gave me the most relief. Thank you!" - A.J.


"Everyone at Camas PT makes the recovery experience a good one. Positive help with the pain and what needs to be done to get the patient back to feeling well. Happy place to go if you need PT!" - L.S.



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